CB500 Engine Tuning

The fastest CB500 engines in the UK

Stage 2 60BHP Spec

Our stage 2 60hp spec engines have the best power gain/cost ratio of all our CB500 engine packages. This engine package is a very popular option. We have transformed many engines over the years with this package, with some engines coming to us with less then 48bhp and leaving with 60bhp which is a huge 20% power increase. This amount of extra power works wonders on lap times and will drop them drastically . We have known this engine to drop 4 seconds off personal best lap times around Oulton Park. This spec engine has won many races and championships in the open class at Darley Moor.


  • Engine is fully disassembled

  • All components are assessed and measured to 0.001mm

  • Crankshaft bearings resized for perfect oil clearance

  • Stage 2 BCR gas flowed race cylinder head

  • 3 Angle valve seat cut

  • Valves refaced & backcut (if needed new valves will be back cut)

  • BCR Performance High lift camshafts 

  • BCR Performance Custom lightweight Flywheel (total loss optional)

  • Compression ratio & Squish modified

  • Cylinders honed for piston ring break in

  • Cam followers finished with a diamond rouge for reduced camshaft friction

  • Crankshaft micropolished

  • Quietning gears removed

  • Cam timing adjusted

  • Engine built to spec within 0.001mm 

  • 20% Discount on all genuine parts, usually just 5% more than cost.      ( I pass all parts savings on to the customer)

  • Possibility of free delivery and collection anywhere in the UK

  • Full build sheet provided

£700 Plus Parts

Stage 3 65+bhp Spec

Over the past few years, we have developed many aftermarket performance parts for the CB500 engine which allows us to provide huge power increases at a very reasonable cost. We have modified some of the standard engine components and also designed new components which can now be used to give you more performance. This spec engine provides a great overall power boost. The build goes through the same process as the stage 2 build but with more modifications. 


  • Full custom BCR Performance  stage 3 cylinder head

  • BCR Performance balance shaft modification

  • Lightened & Knifed Crankshaft

  • BCR Performance total loss system

  • Cylinder head and deck modification for compression boost

  • Cylinder re-bore with lighter 3mm oversize pistons (-20grams per piston)

  • Crankcase modification

  • Crankshaft, Connecting rods and Pistons dynamically balanced

  • BCR Performance inlet tract modification

  • Possibility of free delivery and collection anywhere in the UK

  • Full build sheet provided

  If you have any enquiries or want some advice please use the contact page. 

£780 Plus Parts

Stage 4 70bhp & Stage 5 80+BHP

If you're looking for extreme power, we can build you your own custom race engine. This is usually for guys who race grass buggys but these engine builds work perfect in bikes. This will be tailored to you and what your application is, so please get in touch to start your build. There are lots of different options and parts available. Listed below is a range of parts to choose from for your build.

  • Stage 5  Gas Flowed Head, radius cut 1mm oversize valve seats

  • Stage 5 High lift Camshafts for peak hp

  • 1mm Oversize Titanium Valves

  • 1mm Oversize Stainless Steel Valves

  • Stronger Valve Springs to handle 13k+ rpm

  • 3MM Oversize Forged Pistons (76mm bore) 540cc

  • H Beam Steel Con Rods

  • Lightweight Knifed Crankshaft

  • Billet Clutch Basket

  • Flatslide Carbs

  • CBR900 Carbs

  • Super Lightweight Alternator

  • Reprogrammable Ignition

  • Close Ratio Gearbox