Cylinder Head Gas Flowing

All of our Head Gas Flowing is done in house using the best porting equipment on the market. Gas flowing is an art and takes a long time to get right. A lot of time and effort/development work goes into perfecting a cylinder head 


Send your head to us to have the inlet and exhaust ports gas flowed and matched. Gas flowing helps the engine breath far better by allowing the fuel mix to enter and exit the combustion chamber much faster. Most cylinder heads can be improved so much with port work purely because the ports are so poorly designed and cast. You will tell us where you want your power in the rev range so your head will then be custom flowed to your riding style. It takes a while to do most heads properly, the current lead time is usually around 2 weeks. For all 500 riders I do the gas flowed heads at a special rate of £250 down from £400. This option also includes new valve stem seals, all valves lapping in and all valve clearances check and adjusted if required. Most of our heads are done to work with our custom camshafts. 

A lot of cowboy tuners who port cylinder heads think it's right to just run a carbide burr and a cartridge roll through to get rid of any rough castings and to open the port for 'smoother / better gas flow'. This however isn't the case. If the port is to big, the velocity that the mix travels at is very slow. The correct way to do a most heads is by adding extremely high quality epoxy to the port which is drys into a special resin that can withstand heat and petrol, as well as the vibrations of the engine. Once the epoxy resin has hardened I shape the port for more velocity and faster gas speed. It is also used to alter the power for torque or peak power depending on what you want.


CB500 Head - £250

Other Twin Cylinder Head - £400

4 Cylinder Head - £750